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Discover the main features behind Deeper Signals, and how you can use them to implement Self-awareness into your organization.

Core drivers & risks

Provides insights on how a person is most unique. Built upon the Five Factor Model of personality, each core driver describes a set of behavioral strengths, core risks and personality aspects that are critical for the modern workforce. The assessment is short, transparent, and engaging, taking less than 10 minutes to get an accurate and practical talent insights.

The core drivers & risks assessment meets all industry standards and is reliable, valid, and free of bias.

+ personalized journey

+ Accurate insights

+ reliable & valid results

Core values

Provides insights on what motivates the individual and drive the organizational culture.

Built upon self-determination theory, core values provides accurate insight into the careers we choose, the goals we seek, and what motivates our behavior, empowering leaders to align their talent and culture with strategic goals. core values is completed in less than 5 minutes.

+ motivation insights

+ short and engaging assessment

+ align culture & strategy


Dynamo is a digital and personalized learning journey bitesized and when it fits your schedule. The beginning of any development journey is always the hardest part. Dynamo makes this easy by providing the spark to move from self-awareness to self-improvement. Dynamo provides curated, continuous, and pragmatic feedback to help people unlock their full potential.

What previously was only available for the few are now accessible for the many.

+ personalized journey

+ automated feedback

+ bitesized content

Team dynamic

An interactive team report that translates managers into effective leaders and team coaches. The report is based on Deeper Signals core drivers & risks. With this insights, managers discover their team’s combined strengths and gaps via a dynamic feedback reports, which make them able to tailor their style and coach their team to success with personalized advice.

With the team dynamic report you can improve team collaboration, minimize conflict and leverage diversity.

+ interactive reports

+ minimize conflict

+ improve team collaboration

Compentency module

Translates behavioral assessment to measurable workplace competencies. Adopt and apply the Deeper Signals capability model or get your organization’s competencies mapped to Deeper Signals assessment.

+ measure workplace compentencies

+ custom mapped compentencies

Analytics platform

A self-service platform that makes it easy to invite and manage users. Gain powerful analytics and provides deep insights in real-time.

+ real-time analytics and insights

+ complete overview

+ user management

Discover the possibilities

With Deeper Signals, you have all the tools needed to make self-awareness a part of your team building, employee development and recruitment processes. When working with us, implementing the tools becomes a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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