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Increase team effectiveness, streamline recruitment and unlock employee development with the all-in-one platform for implementing self-awareness into your organization.

Open and in-house certification workshops

We facilitate Open Certification Workshops with participants from various companies as well as in-house Certification Workshops.


Certification workshop (Virtual)


Certification workshop (Virtual)

Follow up


Certification workshop (CPH)


Certification workshop (CPH)

Follow up


Certification workshop (CPH)


Certification workshop (CPH)

Follow up


Certification workshop (Virtual)


Certification workshop (Virtual)

Follow up

The certification process


Completion of your own Deeper Signals assessment

Prior to attending the workshop you will complete you own Deeper Signals assessment and meet with one of our experienced coaches to discuss your results.

The purpose is to get you familiarized with the touch and feel of the tool, get personal experience in completing the assessment, and insights on how you can help your people by using Deeper Signals.


Attend our Deeper Signals workshop

The purpose and focus of the workshop are to give you insights and confidence to interpret Deeper Signals assessments and facilitate meaningful and valuable feedback sessions.

The workshop contains of one full day training and a half a day Follow-up. Workshop are facilitated face to face or virtually dependent on you preference. Content and learning outcomes does not differ in the different formats.


Engage in continuous sparring and learning forums

We offer all our certified Deeper Signal users to participate in our events and follow-up workshops.

Equally we offer complimentary sparring on how to interpret Deeper Signals and designing recruitment and development processes, supporting you on how to gain most value using Deeper Signals.

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We truly believe in having a strong community around our practice and our mission Democratize Self-Awareness. Therefore, we invite and offer all our certified Deeper Signal users to participate in our events and follow-up workshops.

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