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We help and support our clients, offering different kinds of consulting services related to assessment and development.

Management due dilligence

Our Management Due Dilligence process supports clients making informed decisions on their investments.

Executive coaching

With focus on creating self-awareness and finding new and better approaches for the coachee to handle challenging situations, our executive coaching process center on setting clear goals for behavioral change, that will give the most value in their role, as team member and/or leader.

Team development

Develop your team and strengthen their performance by understanding their combined and complementary capacities, the psychological dynamic between them and their values that drives the culture.

Individual assessment

We do not only secure the right fit between candidate and position, but identify the bridge between the hiring process and the aspects that is required for the person to accelerate and succeed in the role. We consider e.g. the on-boarding requirements, the candidate´s learning style, leadership style, the environment the candidate is likely to thrive in.

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